Open Letter to the Woman Whom is Insulted by People Calling Their Beloved Pets “Fur Babies”

Yesterday, I came home to a shit surprise left for me by, you guessed it, my beloved fur baby (my husband plays a huge role in the cleanup as well, afterall, she’s “our” fur baby). It was dried and encrusted in my tile from her deciding that it was a good idea to keep her puppy pad clean. She pranced and cried happily, greeting me with relief and excitement as I grimaced and raged on silently because, well, she does not know any better, and at 12 I am certainly not going to “teach her a lesson”. The only way to clean was with a gloved hand (which I don’t have gloves), or paper towels soaked in bleach, nails on my hand, and a prayer that the barrier of the paper towels would not be breached, but you, the woman that has children, changed 12 diapers already today. How lucky for you.

After a battle and a close call with cervical cancer and surgery to remove/prevent recurrence, it will be a long road for my husband and I to be as lucky as you were to have a baby (or however many “real” babies you have). Was this baby planned? Were any of them planned? Oh, you carried for 9 months? Lucky you, I’ll be LUCKY if I can carry for 8, and bedridden for the latter part of my pregnancy. Oh, but I’m sure yours was so much worse.

Normally I would sit back and read these ignorant posts with an eye roll and keep scrolling, but this one I found completely insensitive and selfish. Can anyone have anything any more without someone packing it into a shit sandwich, setting it on fire, and stomping on it with a heavy foot and a pompous attitude? Ridiculous.

A lesson to you, miss “sick-of-people-with-fur-babies”, think before you write. Some of us out here may not want, may not be able to have, and may only have one option – a pet to call family, a pet that loves unconditionally. Sit back and let us have our thing while you sit back and have yours. And while you’re “insulted” by my fur baby, I’m insulted by you. I hope your children grow to learn empathy and compassion, not your insensitive and thoughtless words.


Proud “mom” of a pomeranian “Fur baby”