“SCarol’s” Cookies from The Walking Dead and My Case of RBF

If you haven’t been caught up on The Walking Dead, I’m sorry for you. Carol is turning into one of my favorite characters as her inherent bitterness is cloaked in her poorly-matched soccer mom outfits (sorry soccer moms). She makes a killer batch of cookies on top of having a wicked side that I find almost relatable. Carol’s gift of masking her utter evilness with the sugary-sweet demeanor of a doting mother is intriguing. It also leads me to relate back to an experience I had at the bookstore just a week and a half ago.

When I’m tasked with a big project, I find it best to get away from my familiar environment and head to one that gets the creative juices going. In this instance, it happened to be my favorite place – a book store. I went with my hubby so that he could study for his certification and I could gain inspiration by my surroundings.

As we sat in the cafe, we both worked on our assignments. Distracted (easily), I listened as a woman spoke loudly on one end of her phone. On occasion, she would let out a cackle at something she had said. I didn’t see any humor in it, so I got up and walked around a bit. Unhappy with my selections for my current topic, I returned to my seat.

“You look mean!” My hubby said.

“What, what are you talking about?”

“You looked mean walking around. I was watching you,” he said.

“Oh, that’s because I suffer from resting bitch face,” I said. (insert mean guitar riff here)

He went back to his studies and I went back to listening to a terrible phone conversation, and needless to say, I nailed my project. How does this relate to Carol? She’s able to hide her emotions where I can’t, so I guess not at all. Let’s hope I don’t get bitch face wrinkles. At that, let me share the recipe I found from Chris Hardwick’s Instagram for Carol’s Cookies. They sound infamous enough, so I thought I’d share. Also, the proper amount of corn starch will make them fluffy ;-).

*By the way, these aren’t guilt-free, low fat, or healthy. I gave that shit a rest after I expanded my waste line. You’re only supposed to eat one cupcake per serving, not 12. Ugh.



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