There Are Times When Guilt-Free is Flavor-Free and This Was One of Them…But at Least I Bought a Mystique Orchid

I had another one of my cravings again today. I have a sweet tooth (and the dental history to prove it). There was nothing in the house save for some remnants of my ravenous outing on Tuesday, which weren’t going to cut the mustard this time. I had to make the trek to the grocery store. I threw an outfit on my dog and shoved her in her carrier to join me in my excursion.

She helps me put this on...
She helps me put this on…
Grocery Trip
She’ll get in any bag if it means she’s goin somewhere

I was actually pretty pumped. I was going to grab a bunch of cake mixes, no-bake cheesecake, and some Jello. I was going to create a masterpiece. Suddenly, I smelled something afoul – it was my dog’s breath. I zipped her up into her carrier and tried to put myself back in the moment of finding the perfect baked goods.

“Get in there,” I growled, as I gently pushed her tiny head into the carrier. She was nonplussed that I had done so, as she stared at me through the netted side and grumbled as I shopped.

Had to zip up the top. Groceries got her too excited.

I got all of my goods home (including a gorgeous Orchid that stopped me in my tracks) and lined them up on the counter. Deciding that I’d first attempt to make apricot cupcakes, I got to work. As usual, most of the batter ended up in my mouth, but that wasn’t going to stop me from baking.

Mixing all of my ingredients together, I masterfully dropped the batter into the jazzy cupcake liners I had purchased.

Jazzy Cupcake Liners

As I leered into the oven through the window in the oven door (seemingly the way the witch did in Hansel and Gretel as she baked kids), I was becoming proud of what this masterpiece was to become. Some minutes later, they were out and I wasn’t waiting for them to cool for me to eat three of them. I was disappointed. I had not added enough jello to the mix to make them apricot-worthy, and the soda water was just that for the mix – water. Trial and error, my friends! I will still share the recipe as it can always be improved upon, as I am going to do today! Nonetheless, I shared them with my friend, whom took them to work the next morning. She says they were light and delicious, and the perfect addition to her and her boss’ morning coffee. I will definitely make them again, but with some slight changes to the recipe.

Guilt-Free Apricot Cupcakes

1 box of Yellow Cake Mix

1 can of diet soda of your choice (or soda water)

1/4 teaspoon of cornstarch (for added fluffiness)

1 box (3oz.) of Apricot Jello

Preheat your oven to 350*. Though in the next variation, the Jello will be cooked and set for about 20 minutes, humor yourself and add half of the box of Jello to the cake mix and corn starch. Add your soda and watch it foam up, getting distracted for a second because it’s mesmerizing. Pile it all into a cupcake tin lined with jazzy cupcake liners, then shove it in the oven for 19 minutes and stare at it through the hole until the dinger goes off.

Remove from the oven and either let them cool like a normal, civilized person, or, if you’re like me, start gorging immediately. You’ll probably burn your finger tips and that piece of skin behind your front teeth, but who cares, it’s for the love of baked goods.

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